Green Initiative Group Dubai

Green Initiative provides total water management and recycling solutions from Consultancy, Audit, Solutions, Products, Supplies, to Execution & Installation across industries such as hotels, restaurants, malls,  and theme parks to properties sector.

We offer innovative and sustainable water and waterless technologies and solutions for all the industries (HORECA, LEISURE & ENTERTAINMENT and PROPERTIES).Green Initiative has products and solutions for any water management challenge.

For many years, the world enjoyed an abundance of high-quality, fresh water that was inexpensive to obtain, treat and transport.  Now, many communities face water shortages, deteriorating water quality from seawater intrusion and greater demands due to population growth, tourism, recreational use, drought and urban expansion. Water scarcity, due to climate change and population growth, affects one-third of the world’s population.

Management of our global water resources is vital to creating sustainable water supplies for potable, agricultural, recreational and industrial use. We partner with globally renowned industry pioneers and have an extensive portfolio of technologies and solutions for water reuse systems.

Green Initiative can help you to augment your water resources – safely and reliably – with innovative solutions for water reuse and desalination.

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