Green Initiative Joins Innovation Campaign, Deploys Solar Porta Cabins at Sites (NEWS)

Green Initiative Joins Innovation Campaign, Deploys Solar Porta Cabins at Sites

Dubai, UAE: Joining the spirit of innovation, the Green Initiative Group today announced the deployment of self-sustainable solar-powered portable cabins at several community developments in Dubai.

“Conserving energy at our work sites and communities is part of our continued focus on innovation. The solar-powered porta cabins are first-of-its-kind and after the success of the initial deployment phase, we will look at expanding the use of these units across other sites and communities,” said a Senior Project Manager of one of the communities.

The environmentally friendly porta cabins have been installed in partnership with Green Initiative a Dubai-based sustainability company, which offers across the board, turn-key green and energy efficient solutions to multiple industries.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to play a role in the ever evolving Green economy of Dubai and the UAE. This is one of many sustainable solutions that we will be rolling out in 2016 in an effort to reduce carbon footprint and enable communities to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives,” said Ashiq Ariejeel, Green Initiative.

The solar powered porta-cabins can be utilized for a variety of purposes including on-site and off-site use for contractors, community personnel and maintenance staff.

“The cabins come with solar powered electricity, water dispensers and lavatory connected to waste disposal exits. This is a first of its kind solar powered portable cabin deployed for use at a residential community,” Ashiq Ariejeel, Green Initiative said.

The solar powered portable cabins are ideal for many industry segments including oil & gas, defense, logistics and construction.