The Facilities Management Business in Dubai (Infographic) (NEWS)

The Facilities Management Business in Dubai (Infographic)

The Global FM Market is divided into 3 segments: Single Service (65%), Bundles Service (23%), and Integrated Facilities Management (12%).  Most business service companies are small businesses, comprising 99% of total.

Facilities Management (FM)

Janitorial and landscaping are two FM services most commonly outsourced.  As per industry, banking has the most demand at 49%, followed by healthcare at 39%. Pharmaceutical and Energy industries follow with 36% and 34%, respectively.

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

To date, the North American FM Market is valued at $ 164 billion.   It also has the largest IFM market valued at $27.6 billion. By 2017, it’s expected to reach $43.4 billion. In Europe on the other hand, 30% of the IFM revenue is generated by the healthcare sector. Providers can either be vendor-managed, self-perform, or a hybrid of the two.

LEED Buildings

Did you know that 13.8 billion sq.ft of building space is LEED Certified? Currently, there are over 72,500 LEED Projects in more than 150 countries.

The Facilities Management Business in Dubai (Infographic)

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